Conservation of wildlife is one of the reasons why we chose to get into wildlife photography. Many of the animals you see on this site are endangered species or facing extinction. Our mission is to use the power of photography to help create awareness on different wildlife conservation issues. We live in a day and age where social media can create awareness almost over night. We plan to set up a variety of Go Fund Me fundraisers to donate money to organizations that I have personally picked out, who will help and make an immediate impact. We will try to do one of these fundraisers for each workshop that we do in each place that we visit. A portion of my workshop's profits will also go towards wildlife conservation to help ensure that we can visit and see these animals for many years to come. We can't do it by myself and I need your help. Please check out the links below if you would like to help donate to my cause.

King of the jungle

Links to donation sites are listed below:

To help the orangutans of Borneo who suffer from palm oil activity and deforestation please click HERE.